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Electronic marketplace GeM

The first electronic marketplace for government, gem, as we launched our pilot project in October 2001.
Live operation of the electronic marketplace launched September 1, 2002.

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GeM, which stands for Government Electronic Marketplace is an electronic marketplace for government created on a software platform Softrade, adapted to the specific requirements of government. That on the basis of Government Resolution No. 683/2002 Gem purchases through information and communication technologies to CZK 2 million, but operating supplies, such as office supplies, computer and office equipment, cleaning supplies, food and services. To purchase using the catalog, containing more than 15,000 items, which are connected to the chosen one thousand suppliers from all possible disciplines. GeM does not work as a simple e-commerce. Its main strength is a tool that provides for negotiating terms and conditions and purchase prices between authorities on one side and suppliers on the other side.

What is an electronic marketplace?

Electronic marketplaces are virtual places where demand meets supply many customers with many suppliers. As in the traditional marketplace is here to negotiate between suppliers and customers, which leads to the conclusion of mutual trade. The difference from the classical marketplace is that buyers and sellers don't meet physically, but communicate with their computers connected via the Internet to the electronic marketplace.

Advantages of electronic marketplaces GeM

Electronic marketplace GeM was developed in order according to the needs of government and into the existing registered contractors and certificates. Of course there is the option to sign up new suppliers, and completely free. According to the wishes of individual customers - government offices, can be e-marketplace approval completed a variety of mechanisms, if they are in the organization, and also there is the possibility of using e-marketplace to ensure the flow of vital business documents (eg orders, invoices) in electronic form. Undoubtedly interesting is the possibility of a direct link e-marketplace with other information systems organization, where processes are e-marketplaces in addition adapted to the internal processes of the organization of public administration. This may lead to the creation of integrated public e-procurement system. It is shown that significantly reduces the electronic marketplace:

  • procedural costs tied to the ordering and delivery of goods (eliminates paperwork, reduces significantly the process of approving, ordering and delivery times)
  • purchase price - due to competition from suppliers in the e-marketplace and possibility of negotiating the use of tools such as e-auctions.

Distinguishing features of GeM

Shopping in the electronic marketplace listing takes the form of competitions. For each competition, you can configure a set of parameters that define the way the publication of the tender, evaluation of tenders received and the selection process either by order or concluding a framework agreement. It depends on the contracting authority, what kind of competition for their own specific business case. With tenders can buy almost any goods or services.

GeM Tenders are the electronic equivalent of classical competitions. Used to address all relevant suppliers of required goods. There are supported all phases of competition, ie the selection and specification of parameters required goods, enter the required terms and conditions, contacting vendors, compare the bids submitted in accordance with established criteria and completion of the tender ordering goods from selected suppliers or contracted. A customer may list several types of competition depending on the scenario and set of parameters that determine the award of the tender procedure and method of evaluation. Competitions can be a multi-round. In some cases, a continuation of the auction.

In the case of using a simple scenario selection procedure first defines a preferred customer business requirements such as payment terms, delivery time, etc. Then assemble the list of goods and services demanded by choosing from a free catalog or description. The system can then suggest relevant supplier or customer to select suitable suppliers to reach out directly by selecting from the database companies. The resulting list of selected vendors can sponsor edit (add or remove a contractor). After approval of the award and demand a list of contractors contacted system will send the selected suppliers invited to tender. If the suppliers are interested in participating in this competition, they may log on to the marketplace through GeM-prepared forms to compile and submit an individual offer. The customer can then offer each received easily and quickly compare it according to selected criteria generated by the correlation matrix and then choose the best offer and mark the winner.

Auctions are very similar to the selection procedure, but offers a completely new element in shopping. Electronic form of auction is used to negotiate the best buying terms with suppliers. During the auction suppliers continuously (online) to submit their bid. Within a short time, typically several tens of minutes, there is a significant reduction in bid price. The auction for the buyer becomes the most powerful negotiating tool with which they can achieve significant savings. Practical experience has shown savings of up to several tens of percent of original price.

The framework contract is primarily used for regular purchases from the pre-selected suppliers. This method allows you to quickly order frequently purchased goods. It also offers direct connectivity market with the office of the financial system, thus creating the basic applications of e-procurement.

List of traded goods allows to construct your own product catalogue to be through the bazaar to buy. Related to this way of involving suppliers in the individual marketplace, where the entire list is narrowed down to just the example of contracted suppliers. The basic range of goods traded in the marketplace GeM consists mainly of operating supplies and services to public sector organizations urgently need to do their activities - computing, communications, office equipment, office supplies, furniture and office equipment, cleaning supplies and snacks. This range is gradually extended to other fields such as construction labor and materials, translation, interpretation, legal and accounting services, etc.

Catalogue of Suppliers
The catalog of suppliers are included in different types of companies. From the producers through wholesalers and retailers to specialist companies able to offer individual solutions to customer requirements. Suppliers are divided into categories according to the range of goods offered and is possible between them to search by region or business name. All suppliers to the marketplace before committing to compliance with the terms and conditions related to e-commerce marketplace.

The main benefits to purchasing

  • Achieve a transparent, controllable and simple way of purchasing a functioning
  • Minimize the costs of business transactions
  • The possibility of automating the process of ordering and setting up profiles multiple supplies
  • The concentration offers several competitive suppliers in one place
  • the possibility of achieving a significant reduction in the purchase price through an electronic auction
  • Quick access to comprehensive information about goods or suppliers
  • Easy and convenient ordering
  • Ability to set individual invitation to tender or electronic auctions
  • Ability to set criteria and parameters for evaluation of bids

Security trading GeM

All data communication is encrypted using SSL (https). Each user enters the system when entering the username and password. All user data and transactions are securely stored in a database, where they are protected. The data are between application and data server 56-bit encrypted code.

Custom Server GeM is located in a hosting center GTS Novera, which is connected to the Internet backbone network, which is due to redundant power and special arrangements to guarantee the flawless operation.

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